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About Navient Portfolio Management

As the largest and most effective operation of its kind in the United States, Navient Portfolio Management manages more than $20 billion of charged-off and/or defaulted assets.

We maximize recoveries for our clients by designing custom recovery strategies, recruiting and building strong relationships with our collection agency partners, and applying big data analytics.

Our Size, Scale, and Results

  • We bring the resources and infrastructure of Navient (NASDAQ: NAVI), a leading provider of asset management and business processing solutions.
  • We have $20 billion under management, and as our client, your organization can benefit from this buying power.
  • In 2014, we recovered $2.4 billion for our clients — or $1.1 million every business hour.
  • We contract with 30 top-performing collection agencies licensed across all 50 states, accounting for a total of 3,500 collectors, which can eliminate the cumbersome procurement process for our clients. This access also allows us the flexibility to change agencies, if needed.
  • We manage more than 20% of federally guaranteed defaulted student loan debt and account for 30% of non-consolidation recoveries.
  • As of February 28, 2015, our managed clients held the top six positions in the U.S. Department of Education’s Collection Rankings.
  • We can quickly and easily assign, recall and reassign accounts receivable — based on a variety of attributes — to maximize performance.
  • We attract and retain top collection agency partners, thanks in part to the significant volume we place annually.