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Improving Accounts Receivable Management

We can curate a roster of multiple collection agencies, oversee the procurement process, conduct audits, process payments, and, most importantly, convert debt into cash that can be redeployed within your organization.

We are not a collection agency. We are a third-party master servicer, a proven expert in managing the accounts receivable vertical supply chain.

Our Services Will Help You Succeed

In partnership with Navient Portfolio Management, your organization will benefit from:

  • Strategic consultation – We take time to understand your business, organizational goals, and customer-retention objectives, and then create a recovery strategy tailored to achieve your goals.
  • Optimized performance – Having analyzed your portfolio's accounts and organizational goals, we will strategically assign accounts within your portfolio and establish an appropriate, systematic inventory cycle.
  • Maximized recoveries – With our proven strategies, deep knowledge, resources, and big data analysis, we can recover more assets, faster, returning cash to your organization.
  • Mitigated risk – We mitigate regulatory risk by leveraging our organization’s comprehensive compliance framework.
  • Superior compliance – Each year, we invest significant time, money, and resources on compliance initiatives, performing on-site and remote audits of our collection agency partners, and maintaining our proprietary “Vendor Compliance Portal” asset library.
  • Full-time auditors and relationship managers – Our staff visits each collection agency partner at least six times per year.
  • Robust reporting – Our timely and transparent reporting will give your organization deep insight into your portfolio and collection agency performance.