"My drive is to make sure we're doing everything right for the customer and following all of the correct protocols to help them achieve success."


Get to know: Josh

Servicing, Pennsylvania

The period of time from when a student takes out a loan for school and enters repayment is very important, because what happens during their time in school (status changes, transfers, new loans, interest accruals, etc.) can impact the loan during repayment. Josh and his team ensure that borrower account records are maintained correctly during this critical period.

"It's stressful to be a borrower," Josh says. "Every decision and conversation we have is with the borrower's needs in mind. Accurate enrollment information are drivers for grace periods, interest rates, and more."

Josh is particularly proud of his role as a liaison between borrowers and Navient's military benefits team. "I verify that borrowers' military statuses and enrollment periods are correct," Josh explains. "This is important when students are called for active duty while in school. We ensure they receive the benefits they're entitled to during that time."

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