Navient makes it easy for borrowers to understand their federal student loan status and repayment options.

We provide students and borrowers the information, tools, and resources they need to navigate their path to successful repayment by sending customer friendly correspondence with clear messages and actionable next steps, beginning with the welcome letter and throughout repayment.

Guidance and Counseling

We help students navigate the lifecycle of their loan with:

  • Expert guidance while in school and beyond
  • Counseling as needed to stay on track with payments
  • Tools and information to explore repayment plan options that best meet their needs

Mail and Emails

We contact students while they are still in school and through final loan repayment, and we encourage them to contact us as well to explore options and understand the details of their loans.

Below are key communications we provide along the path to repayment:

Welcome Email

Quarterly Interest Statement in School and in Grace

In School Email

In School and Nearing Grace Email

In Grace Email

Mid Grace Email

Nearing Repayment Email

In Repayment Email

Monthly Customer Billing Statement

Congratulations on Paying Off Your Loans Email