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We Help Finance Education Dreams

Tools to Build Financial Futures

We’re helping students and families through the paying-for-college journey.

Our free digital tools empower people to find grants and scholarships. We offer easy-to-understand payment options for new student loans. And after graduation, we help our clients earn a better rate.

Our customer care specialists help our clients every step of the way on their road to financial success.

Earnest Student Loans

Earnest is Changing How People Borrow

At Earnest, we provide low-rate private student loans and student loan refinancing options with flexibility, personal attention, and support.

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Simplify Your Financial Life

The one-stop shop where you can search and compare offers from leading providers for loans, savings accounts, insurance, and more. Wherever life takes you, we’re here to help you simplify your finances.


Have You Earned Your Degree? Now Earn a Better Rate

NaviRefi refinancing is designed exclusively for people with student loans who want a better rate. We don’t charge origination, late payment, or prepayment fees. And we offer loan term flexibility.

Going Merry

Going Merry Helps Families Find Free Money for College

At Going Merry, we’re changing the landscape of scholarships, financial aid, and awards. We make it easier for students to find and apply for scholarships and simpler for scholarship providers to create and manage them.