Navient Privacy Policies

We at Navient know that you are concerned about privacy and the security of your personal information. It's our policy to respect the privacy of our customers, and to protect their information. We also want you to know how we use and protect the information we receive from and about you. To that end, please read the policies listed below.

If you have found security problems with our website, they can be submitted here:

Navient's Online Consumer Information Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all visitors to our website, describing our practices concerning the collection and use of information gathered from or about our online visitors and registered users.

Privacy Notice (Navient and Earnest)

This policy applies to customers and applicants who have obtained a Navient or Earnest product, or applied for a product with Earnest, an affiliate of Navient's. It describes our principles and practices regarding the sharing of customer information with affiliates and outside companies.

California Privacy Policy

California law provides California residents with additional rights regarding the collection and use of their personal information. This policy supplements our Online Consumer Information Privacy Policy and provides information about how California residents can exercise these additional rights.