"Helping our customers navigate the path to financial success is everything we stand for."
Jack Remondi
President and CEO

Our Services

At Navient, we are dedicated to helping our clients and the people we serve along the path to their financial success. We provide financial services to thousands of college and university clients as well as to federal, state, and local governments.

Department of Education Loan Servicing

We are one of a select group of companies chosen to service student and parent federal loans for the U.S. Department of Education. To help our customers successfully pay their education loans and build their credit, our Department of Education Loan Servicing provides financial literacy tools and in-depth customer service. Our hard work and dedication has resulted in positive results in keeping borrowers on the path to successful repayment. In fact, our federal loan customers default at a rate 30 percent better than the national average.

Private Student Loan Servicing

Navient also services a large portfolio of private student loans. Although private student loan terms and features are often unique from those offered with federal student loans, we apply the same focus and dedication to make our customers financially successful. One feature unique to private loans is cosigner release. This benefit allows a credit worthy borrower who meets our standard criteria to release their cosigner from any further financial obligation to their private student loan. 

Learn about the criteria for releasing a cosigner >

Asset Recovery and Collections Services

Navient’s family of asset recovery companies is one of the largest, most responsible, most compliant, and top performing collection operations in the country. We have recovered billions on behalf of taxpayers through multiple contracts with various government agencies and educational institutions.

Our asset recovery and collections companies include:

Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc.

  • Setting a higher standard in asset recovery through our transparent approach, giving our clients full insight into our process.

General Revenue Corporation

  • Delivering more than 30 years of experience as a premier collection services provider for higher education and government clients.

Gila LLC

  • Gila LLC offers business process outsourcing that focuses on revenue enhancement services for toll authorities, courts, and credit unions.

Student Assistance Corporation

  • Working on behalf of institutions to help customers resolve student loan delinquency by providing tools, resources, and information to better understand default and choose the best payment plan for success.