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Pat Lawicki

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

“My goal is to use technology to continuously enhance our customer experience and to improve the overall effectiveness of our employees.”


Raised in a large family, Pat Lawicki grew up in a no-nonsense household in northern Wisconsin. Her parents stressed the importance of education and enjoying one’s occupation.

At an early age, Pat did just that. “I was always fascinated by new technology and had a passion to work in a computer related field,” she says.

At Purdue University, she studied management and information technology, which at the time primarily focused on large mainframe systems. Not only has she witnessed a staggering amount of changes since then, but in her role, she has had to continuously stay on top of the ever-changing technology landscape.

At Navient, Pat is responsible for all information technology functions, including application development, architecture, information security, infrastructure and operations, and enterprise data warehousing. She ultimately ensures customers have a simple, secure, and successful experience.

Pat, who earned her MBA from Indiana University, was attracted to Navient because it blends the excitement of a startup with the experience of an established business.

“When I interviewed, I was impressed with the leadership and the people,” she recalls. “The leadership team demonstrated great character which was a perfect cultural fit for me. I knew I could make an impact on the business and help move it forward.”

Prior to joining Navient, she was the senior vice president of global delivery for WalMart, where in addition to her core information technology responsibilities, she helped establish a program for Millennials entering the workforce.

“In addition to being new to a career and an organization, they are also adjusting to what life is like after college,” she says. “Many new professionals needed support with basic financial acumen and skills. They needed assistance with personal budgets, benefit programs, and options. Enhanced programs were developed and made available to further educate and augment the information regarding heath care plans, 401k programs, and budgeting to pay off student loans.”

Working with Millennials also underscored the generation’s demand for information in real time. Meeting that demand is important to businesses that count younger generations among their fastest growing customer segment.

A fan of the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, Pat values teamwork, whether it concerns meeting a deadline at work or coaching little league.

Along with Lombardi, she admires Malala Yousafzai, who despite extreme adversity, continues to embrace her passion – making education accessible for all.

“I never want to compromise my integrity,” she says. “Of all the leadership characteristics I value, Integrity is my foundation. I am committed to the highest standards when it comes to ethics and integrity.”