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Tim Hynes

Executive Vice President, Consumer Lending

"We take our responsibilities seriously, and we're constantly challenging ourselves to make our service even better. It's important that our customers benefit from our products and that they're successful. Our customers drive our business."


Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Tim Hynes was exposed to the promise of higher education at an early age. He received two degrees—one in marketing and the other in finance—from the University of Richmond.

Yet his education went beyond the classroom. At college, he learned critical thinking skills, says Tim, whose summer jobs paid his living expenses during the school year. Today, he is known for his ability to break a complex problem into manageable pieces.

That skill is invaluable at Navient, where he oversees the company’s consumer lending business. "Giving people options to repay their student loans is our goal," Tim explains.

After graduating from the University of Richmond, Tim got a job at MBNA out of college largely because he was interested in the fast-growing company. Moving on to Bank of America, Tim led new account acquisition and current account marketing. In all, he spent 15 years at MBNA/Bank of America. He joined Sallie Mae in 2008, where he led credit strategy and collections.

As Navient launched in 2014, he became the new company’s first chief risk and compliance officer, leading a team to ensure a robust, multi-layered and data-driven compliance program.

In 2017, Tim was appointed to lead consumer lending initiatives, which capitalize on the company’s extensive experience to provide responsible, innovative products that benefit consumers.

Across his varied career, Tim enjoys interacting with others. "The most rewarding part of my job is working with people in all the diverse areas at Navient," he says.

An avid sailor and fisherman in his youth, Tim now spends free time shuttling his three sons to sporting events. He also coaches his kids' teams. Whether at home or at Navient, he enjoys working toward a common goal.

"I'm very results-oriented," he says. "I've experienced success in my career when I take on difficult situations and turn them around."