"My hands-on experience as a collections specialist helps me guide new members of Team Navient, so they have a positive impact on our customers."


Get to know: Derek

Talent Acquisition, Delaware

Providing quality customer service begins with hiring quality staff, and Derek dedicates each day to doing just that. Derek began working for Navient as a collections specialist, where he learned the business from the ground up, including what it takes to be customer-centric. He now applies those skills to his role in talent acquisition, working with applicants looking to become part of Team Navient.

Derek says, "I'm proud to help new hires on the path to their career success and set them up to have a positive impact on our customers. It's important to go above and beyond to help others, and I get to do that for Navient employees and, in turn, our customers."

As part of his job, Derek manages the military careers page on Navient.com. He connects military veterans who are interested in jobs at Navient with the proper internal contact. "I really enjoy getting to speak with veterans and thanking them for their service," Derek explains. "Taking the time to ask them about their service and what they are looking to do next helps them open up and feel comfortable about learning more about Navient and the job opportunities here."

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