"We let customers know that we’re here for them, ready to lend our expertise and take loan issues off their shoulders"


Get to know: Noeli

Customer Communication, Pennsylvania

When you have lots of customers, you need to offer lots of ways for them to reach you. While phone and web are popular avenues, for many people email is the way to go.

Every day, Noeli and her team field emails from customers, research their questions, and get back to them with answers and solutions. She says, "Because of their busy schedules, email can be the best communication option for some people. We try to provide quick and clear answers for them. Student loans are complicated, and we know there's a lot of information that customers have to process. We let customers know that we're here for them, ready to lend our expertise and take loan issues off their shoulders."

Noeli is appreciative of all the help and support that she and her team have. She values her leaders' open-door policies and the training that has made her a valuable resource for customers. "We get updates and insights every day as our people monitor trends, listen to calls, and review customer feedback," she says. "One of the best things about working here is how much help is available."

After counseling as many customers as she has – and being a student loan borrower herself – Noeli has a couple tips for other borrowers: "Educate yourself about your loans. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That's what we're here for, so reach out to us. Everyone on our team works toward the same goal: helping customers stay on track."

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