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Money Under 35

A study of the financial health of young Americans aged 22 to 35 conducted with lpsos.

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NEW! September 2018 – special report on millennials and retirement

June 2018 – special report on millennial jobs and careers

April 2018 – special report on the money management habits of young adults

Highlights from the full 2017 Money Under 35 report include:

  • – Feedback from more than 3,000 young adults representing all levels of educational attainment
  • – Financial health metrics as measured by Money Under 35's custom index
  • – Financial habits and priorities
  • – Impact of educational attainment and student debt
  • – Life and career satisfaction levels
  • – Employment status

Other Research & Studies

Video highlights from our Money Under 35 focus groups:

Millennials share their thoughts on student loans & college education

Millennials on budgeting and savings

Money, bills, & debt: tips from young adults

Career vs. job: young adults explain the difference