BPO Solutions

Public Health

During the Depths of the COVID-19 Pandemic, States Needed To…

  • Track and slow the spread of the virus in their communities

  • Support those infected through their quarantine periods

  • Collect and analyze data to make timely, data-driven public health decisions

  • Coordinate the large public communication efforts needed to ensure effective, efficient, and equitable vaccine administration

Case Study

Contact Tracing in the Southeast

Through our affiliate, Xtend Healthcare, we provided inbound and outbound solutions for regional health departments across a Southeast state.

  • Contact tracing calls for infected individuals who tested positive and for their close contacts

  • Monitoring / check-in calls with infected residents during their quarantine and recovery periods

  • Communicated lab results to individuals via phone, text, and email

  • Used the state’s online vaccination system to help residents register, schedule vaccination appointments, and find additional resources