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The past few years have reminded us all that the only constant in life is change. The pandemic had sudden, severe impacts on individuals, government agencies, and healthcare systems. We are proud of the ways we helped clients and teammates navigate the crisis, including these:

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Processing

We helped states’ UI agencies rapidly deploy technology and specialized, bilingual staffing solutions to meet claimants’ urgent needs.

Contact Tracing

Our affiliate Xtend Healthcare provided inbound and outbound contact tracing solutions for a Southeast state’s regional health departments.

Vaccine Coordination

Xtend partnered with a northeast state’s Department of Health on their successful vaccine coordination program.

Employment Security and Safety

We quickly transitioned thousands of teammates to safe, work-from-home environments. As other organizations were forced to lay off staff, we provided employment security for our existing staff — and hired thousands more — as we rose to meet the challenges of our clients’ urgent needs.

Challenges and Sample Impacts

Sample Impacts

For Government Agencies

  • Benefit costs rise due to cost-of-living increases

  • Higher borrowing costs

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Acceleration of rising costs for labor, drugs, and materials

  • Higher borrowing costs

Sample Impacts

For Government Agencies

  • Lower tax revenue

  • Higher tax delinquencies

  • Higher demand for benefits (e.g., UI)

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Increased self-pay receivables

  • Increased need for self-pay communications and negotiations

Sample Impacts

For Government Agencies

  • Turnover affects program execution and efficiency

  • Uncertainty around the impact of new remote work arrangements

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Negative impacts on revenue cycle teams’ productivity and morale

  • Uncertainty around the impact of new remote work arrangements

Sample Impacts

For Government Agencies

  • Increased, urgent inbound and outbound communication volumes

  • Risk of imbalanced impact on underserved communities

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Sudden, urgent strain on workforce and supply availability

  • Negative impacts on back-office productivity and cash flow

We Can Help

Challenges like these make it harder than ever before to maintain a healthy, stable bottom line. Our enterprise is built to help your organization succeed, even during uncertain times like these.

Optimize Your Revenue

From consultation to design to execution to measurement, we will leverage our decades of expertise to help ensure your programs’ success.

Simplify Your Constituent and Patient Experiences

Our modern, omnichannel communication platform makes interactions simple and convenient, and our highly trained representatives will help those you serve successfully navigate even the most complex, sensitive situations.

Stay Compliant

Our attention to compliance, privacy, and information security has earned us the trust of our clients and their constituents. We constantly monitor pending federal and state legislative changes, ensuring we and our clients are prepared for new rules in our fields.

Ensure Seamless Service

With 4,700+ employees nationwide – and the agility to resize your dedicated team as your demand fluctuates – we are ready to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Control Costs and Timelines

Many of our solutions are available through the GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), helping you manage program costs and streamline contracting and implementation timelines.

Partner with a Mission-Aligned Organization

Through our Elevate platform, Team Navient is committed to making our world a better place. We aspire to always follow responsible and sustainable business practices, adhere to good corporate governance, empower our employees to bring their whole selves to work and give and volunteer in our community.

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