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Schools, guarantors, and lenders can access our borrower data portal, which provides comprehensive reports and general servicing information.

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Support for You and Your Borrowers

We help your borrowers throughout the lifecycle of repaying their student loans, by providing:

  • Customer service beginning while they're in school and during repayment.
  • Comprehensive tools and information to explore repayment options.
  • Personalized outreach to stay on track with payments.

Borrower Communication

We know communication is key to customer success. We contact customers with regular communications from the time they're in school through final loan payoff.

Customers are encouraged to learn as much as possible about their loans and to contact us for help when they need it.

Online, borrowers have access to most correspondence from us and receive personalized alerts, such as reminders for Income-Driven Repayment plan renewal.

Financial Education

Financial literacy is key to successful loan repayment. So we provide multiple ways for borrowers to learn.

In Money & Finances, customers have access to:

  • Our Financial Tips Blog
  • Success Stories
  • Tools to Track Finances
  • The Career Playbook
Money & Finances


For those who are having trouble, we know to reach out early with effective communication.

We promptly contact each borrower to ensure they know we're here to help them with guidance and options.

Our innovative strategies and consistent approach have resulted in fewer defaults than any other federal loan servicer.

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Helpful Information for You to Download

Product and Support Documentation

Access comprehensive reports for schools, guarantors, and lenders.

Access Technical Docs

More Resources for Your Borrowers

Help your students become financially successful with our tools and resources.

Money & Finances Forms

Navient School Support

Navient School Support

We’re here to help you keep your borrowers on their paths to financial success, providing support for you and your school.

Contact us for:

  • Support with borrower-related issues
  • Repayment counseling
  • Enrollment updates
  • 3-way calls with you and your borrower

Call us toll-free at 888-272-5543

Electronic Services Team

Contact our Electronic Services team for:

  • Access to the School Servicing Portal
  • Assistance with School Servicing Portal use and navigation
  • Guidance with our online reports
  • Technical support for monitoring electronic file delivery
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