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When it's official, we'll welcome you to Navient and confirm that your loans have been moved.

Then, you can set up your Navient.com account and contact Navient for anything to do with your loans going forward.

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Say hello to Navient.

Your private student loans will move from American Education Services (AES) to Navient.

Navient will soon be servicing a group of loans that includes one or more of your private student loans. This is a normal business practice that happens from time to time – you’ll simply be working together with Navient instead of AES.

We look forward to being your new private loan servicer and want to make your move to Navient as easy as possible.

This site will be your central resource, helping you understand how everything works and – more specifically– what it means for you. While you’re here, make sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions tab for information related to the move.

Once your loans are on our system, Navient will become your new private student loan servicer. To let you know when it’s official, we’ll send you a welcome letter including your new account number and our contact information.

Already a Navient customer?

If you already have student loans with Navient, they won’t change and neither will your account number. This move only applies to your loans currently serviced by AES. Once your AES private loans move to Navient, those loans will be added to your existing Navient.com account automatically and you will receive a separate billing statement for each of your AES-serviced private loans.