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When it's official, we'll welcome you to Navient and confirm that your loans have been moved.

Then, you can set up your Navient.com account and contact Navient for anything to do with your loans going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will change when my loans move to Navient?

To help you prepare, we've created a checklist of what you'll need to do once your loans are with Navient. Click here to view your checklist.

Why are my loans transferring?

Servicing transfers are a normal business practice that happens from time to time. As the owner of your private loans, Navient has chosen to replace AES as the servicer. Please note: Navient is not merging with or purchasing AES.

When will my loans move to Navient?

Your loans are scheduled to move in March 2018. In the meantime, you’ll receive additional communications to keep you updated along the way. When it’s official, we’ll send you a welcome letter to confirm that your loans have moved.

What does this servicing transfer mean?

Your AES-serviced private loans will transfer to Navient as your new servicer. Once your loans move to Navient, you’ll have online access to a new suite of tools and products to help you manage your loans.

Will I need to change my payment due date?

Navient offers payment due dates from the 3rd through the 22nd of the month for private student loans. If your current payment due date doesn’t fall within this range, upon transfer to Navient, it will be adjusted forward to the 3rd of each month.

Note: If your due date is adjusted forward to the 3rd and you’re enrolled in Direct Debit (recurring ACH) with AES, Navient will extract your first payment on April 3rd, 2018.

I currently receive my AES communications electronically, which is my preference. How do I make sure this continues with Navient?

In order to continue getting your important student loan information electronically, you’ll need to create your online account at Navient.com and update your eDelivery preferences once your loans move to Navient.

I’m currently enrolled in Direct Debit (recurring ACH) with AES, will I need to re-enroll once my loans move to Navient?

No, your Direct Debit (recurring ACH) will switch to Navient.

Will my borrower benefits continue?

Any borrower benefits provided in your promissory note or marketed as features of the loan will continue at Navient.

What is a loan owner?

The loan owner holds the loan promissory note and has the right to collect from the borrower.

What is a loan servicer?

A loan servicer handles details on behalf of the loan owner, such as collecting and processing payments and answering questions.

How will I know when my private loans have successfully transferred to Navient?

Once the move is complete, we’ll send you a Welcome Letter so you’ll know your loans are now with Navient and you can: create an online account at Navient.com, begin sending payments to Navient, contact Navient with any questions about your loan.

Where do I send my payments?

Continue to send payments to AES until you receive your Welcome Letter.

Who do I contact with questions?

For any inquires about this transition or other loan needs, please continue to contact AES until Navient officially becomes your servicer.

Are all my AES loans moving to Navient?

After the transition, it’s possible that you may have other loans that will continue to be serviced by AES.

Has a notification also been sent to the cosigner/co-borrower/endorser of my loans?

Yes, we are sending a notification to borrowers, cosigners, co-makers, co-borrowers, and endorsers of your loans when applicable.

If I am in a deferment, forbearance, or repayment plan, do I need to reapply?

No. When your  loans move to Navient this will automatically be updated on our system.  However, you may want to see when your existing plan is set to expire, as you may need to reapply.

When can I create an online Navient account?

Please wait to create an online account until your loans are officially with us. If you create an account too early, no loan information will be available, as your loans are not currently on our system, but we’ll let you know when to do this.

If I have multiple loans, does Navient do combined billing?

For private student loans, Navient will send a separate billing statement for each loan. However, you can request combined billing for your private loans after the transfer. Note: Navient does not offer combined billing for private and federal student loans.