Moments of Success

Inspired by real stories, these short videos show how borrowers are successfully repaying their student loans and applying their degrees to pursue their dreams, improve lives, and support their families.

Tell Us Your Success Story

Ashley was taught to dream big, and she knew her limit was the sky. Her passion for music guided her, and Ashley achieved her goal of graduating from college.

With Navient’s help, she successfully navigated the loan repayment process and was able to pursue her dreams. Graduated and paid off her student loan debt – DONE and DONE!

Student loans helped Kristal afford the education she needed to direct an ambulatory care center, improving lives in her Ohio community. Navient helped her navigate her way to financial freedom by finding a payment plan that worked for her circumstances.

By getting her master’s degree and paying off her loans early, Kristal was able to show her kids that anything is possible.

Emily developed a support system when she was planning her education and financial journey. The friends and family she assembled did what Emily needed most… kept her accountable.

Becoming debt-free at 25 was her goal and she hit it! Her secret? Surround yourself with friends and family to encourage you to stay on track with a budget that will keep you motivated to reach your goals!

Ryan explains his journey to pay off his student loan debt with Navient’s help. The key for Ryan was to keep his payment goals top of mind and to remember that "slow and steady wins the race."

Ryan set clear goals for himself, to pay off a certain percentage of his loan each year. This incremental approach enabled him to become debt-free ahead of schedule.

Kristal B. recently paid off her student loans and is excited to share some tips on how she accomplished this goal. Logging in to your account at enables you to choose how you want to allocate additional payments to help pay down your loans faster.

Look in to your options and send every extra dollar you can to your loans so you too can be #paidinfull!

Alison had dreamed of becoming a physician since she was a child. Student loans helped her achieve her goal. Alison tells how she managed to pay off her student loans – with Navient’s help – after 11 years of school.

The key? Pay more than the minimum right away so you don’t get accustomed to a budget based on minimum payments. And remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint!

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