October 2015

New Additions to Path to SuccessSM

In November, Navient will add two new modules to our online financial literacy series, Path to Success.

  • Military Student Loan Borrower Benefits, for active duty service members launches on Veterans Day, November 11. It includes repayment options and information on developing the best strategy for loan repayment.
  • Later in November, How Interest Works and Debt Management will be released. The module explains how student loans work and provides best practices for managing debt using individual real-life scenarios of borrowers in different situations and life stages.




10 things to do before you make your 1st student loan payment – updated

Our 10 things to do flyer was created last year and has consistently been one of our most downloaded items on Navient.com. For fall, we’ve updated the content and design to help your student borrowers better prepare for making their first loan payment. The updated flyer was also featured in our recent social media posts. Share a copy with your students and staff. It’s a must read!

Download from Navient.com.

10 things to do before you make your 1st student loan payment

Navient.com updates

We heard from our loan customers, and now we’re transforming their online account experience. Thanks in part to their own feedback, our loan customers will see significant enhancements to their online account experience, starting this fall. The enhancements will help customers successfully manage their loans. We will make it easier for your student borrowers to make loan payments, give them better access to tax statements, enhance their account history, and simplify Auto Pay enrollment. Additional improvements will continue into 2016.

School webcast, August 2015

For the start of the new academic year, we held two borrower-focused school webinars to highlight 5 Things Your Students Need to Know. We covered what we’ve learned from continued analysis of positive repayment strategies for our student loan borrowers, including: student loan basics, payments and repayment plans, financial literacy, loan consolidation and information for military personal. We addressed dozens of questions and provided guidance for schools. A copy of the presentation is available at Navient.com/schools.

Servicing contract information


Phone: 888-272-4665
Providing expert support for schools with new extended hours, Monday-Thursday 8 AM to 9 PM (ET) and Friday 8 AM to 8 PM (ET) to assist with borrower-related issues/repayment counseling, enrollment updates, or guidance with our online reports.


Electronic Services

Phone: 800-348-4606
Providing technical support, Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (ET) for monitoring of your electronic file exchange, report delivery, and our school servicing portal navigation.

Visit Navient.com to download our updated Servicing Contact Information with additional details on contact resources.